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Laughs with lisa



Hi. My name is Lisa, but everyone calls me “Chatty Kathy.” I am the server-mom (now grandma) from Florida turned author. I have two joke books, Serving up Some Funny and Serving Up Some Funny Leftovers. They are both pages after page of spicy jokes I have collected over my lifetime working in the restaurant business. In addition, I have published my 1st in a series of children's books called, The Unusual Tales of Matilda Marmalade. A story of unconditional love and a little girl with glass-like bones.


I am a happily married mother of two beautiful daughters. I am a native “Jersey girl” from Lake Hopatcong. Over 30 years ago, I transplanted myself to the Sunshine State, and I now call Lady Lake, Florida, my home.


I love babies, puppies, and old people. I LIVE for the beach. I am a TALKAHOLIC, but lucky for me, most people find me entertaining. Although I have a Communications Degree from the University of Central Florida, I have always enjoyed working in the hospitality industry. I am a genuine people person. Yes, I am a published author, yet, I still LOVE being a waitress.


I also enjoy picnics on the beach, decorating for Halloween, watching scary movies, listening to silly songs, eating Nana's Sunday dinners, napping in the rain, and watching the sunset. But most of all, I LOVE making new friends. Babies, puppies, seniors, I LOVE them all, and I've been known to collect all three. It's a habit, I admit, but it's not one I ever plan on giving up.   


Other than that, I simply live to SPREAD THE LAUGHTER. My mission in life is to make the giggles echo and bring a little sunshine and rainbows to places where they have been forgotten. Won't you help me? Take a moment and laugh.

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